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Building1 – Shared Offices featured in the WRAL Techwire!

June 16th the WRAL Techwire ran an article about Building1. We are excited for the exposure and hope that it draws tenants to our awesome space. During the interview, the journalist asked me how we have changed due to COVID-19. My response, and the truth is that we have not had to change our model at all. while the motivation for our model may be different due to the pandemic, the outcome is still the same. We are purposefully small and do not allow day use or drop in passes. Prior to COVID-19, this was to foster community. Post-COVID-19, this is for safety. Then, as now, we control foot traffic and limit exposure to ensure the community thrives and we are able to help keep our tenants safer.

We are open to all industries and accepting new tenants so please consider joining us today!

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